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Skinny Without Willpower

Friday, November 6, 2009


Exercising helps alleviate depression by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain but recently I have been experiencing the effects of withdrawal symptoms from the lack of exercise in other words: depression! It goes back to about 3 weeks ago when a slip and fall on an extended arm (trying to save my laptop) caused me to dislocate my right shoulder. It wasn’t just any ordinary dislocation, but my humerus head (the top of upper arm bone) hit the shoulder capsule causing a little dime sized chip to separate out. On top of that the shoulder capsule itself got ruptured (also known as the glenoid labrum tear), the treatment of which requires arthoscopic surgery at an outpatient clinic (not a big deal). To make a long story short the shoulder is pretty messed up and even after fixing it will require 3-4 months of rehab to be fully functional and so any upper body exercising is out of the question. So I decide to take up my old favorite exercise, running. But my better half decides to consult an astrologer and the pundit was so good that he exactly predicted the three injuries I had in the past 8 months and further said that the stars are not in my favor until the end of Feb 2010. So what does the wife do? She puts a total ban on any exercising for the next 4 months, even running! So the only exercise I am getting these days is doing bicep curls with the TV remote. In the mean time my depression is on the rise because I can’t do my favorite activities like swimming, weightlifting and exercising in general. Plus the constant pain in my shoulder doesn’t let me sleep at night. These days the only comfort I find is in junk food, candy (thanks to Halloween!) and a shot or two of tequila (hey, it at least helps me sleep!). I’ll still keep up my reading of health and fitness and keep posting my thoughts every now and then. Until then you folks keep away from wet surfaces and in case you do end up in a slippery situation, remember that nothing (except a child you are carrying in your arms) is worth breaking a body part.

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  1. Hope the recovery is faster than they say...Rajesh