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Skinny Without Willpower

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here is a good video! 

HDL, LDL, ratios, all marketing buzzwords meant to scare you and put you on the mega billion $$$ generating statin drug machines. Like I mentioned in my earlier articles, its inflammation and too much high GI carb intake that causes heart disease, not cholesterol! Type II diabetes causes heart disease and not cholesterol!   Without cholesterol men wouldn’t be men and women wouldn’t be women. We wouldn’t even make new cells in the body. And guess what, the number one consumer of cholesterol in your body is your brain and the central nervous system because nerve and brain cells don’t regenerate like the rest of your body’s cells. So cholesterol provides them longevity and without which we would be literally ‘losing our minds’. So eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants, get plenty of exercise and reduce the stress in your lives and stop worrying about cholesterol.

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