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Skinny Without Willpower

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Skinny Without Willpower: A book that will change the way you think about weight loss and wellness

Now Available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble (Nook), iBooks, and Kobo 
The real cause of weight gain is our bodies’ altered hormonal state brought on by the modern Western diet. This altered hormonal state is causing our bodies to be in constant fat storage mode. Everything we eat, the body wants to store as fat. The result: excessive hunger and lethargy! This has slowly pushed our bodyweight set-point toward increasing adiposity.

In this state, when we try to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, powerful evolutionary forces of HUNGER and METABOLISM come into play to maintain our bodyweight set-point. The “eat less and exercise more” prescription merely addresses the symptom of weight gain without fixing the real underlying cause. This is why we can't achieve long-term weight loss and we keep coming back to our natural bodyweight set-point. Nature cannot be defeated!

After reading this book, you will realize that in order to achieve lasting weight loss, you need to address the real hormonal cause of weight gain, so you can naturally move your body weight set-point toward leanness. When you do this, the same evolutionary forces that now prevent you from losing weight will help you lose weight effortlessly.

This book shows you how you can achieve lasting weight loss and prevent premature aging by working with nature, not against it!

This is the book for you if you are:
·         Overweight and have struggled unsuccessfully to lose weight.

·         Crave sweet, salty, and fried foods.

·         Depressed, exhausted, and sick most of the time.

·         Suffering from high cholesterol and blood sugar.

·         Ready to thrive!


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