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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fat loss and fat intake

What is worse for fat gain; 1 can of soda with 120cals and zero fat or one 2 slices of cheese with about 120cals and 8 grams of fat?

One can of soda!

To understand this we have to understand the effect of insulin in the body. The role of insulin in the body is to regulate the blood sugar levels and to keep it within a fixed range. When the blood sugar rises in response to simple sugars the pancreas produce insulin to take out the sugar from the bloodstream and store it as fat. The sugar in the soda gives the blood a quick insulin spike which if not metabolized converts to fat quite easily, while the fat and protien in cheese dont spike the insulin and dont easily convert to fat.

So in order to lose weight one has to make sure that the blood insulin levels dont rise abruptly. Its better to keep steady insulin levels through out the day. Thats the reason 5-6 small frequent meals are better for weight loss than one or two big meals a day.

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